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  1. imum sustainability requirements and aspirations for all Volvo Group Suppliers, in the areas of: 1. Human Rights and Working Conditions, page 8 2. Health and Safety, page 13 3
  2. Volvo Group Code of Conduct: We Respect One Another . FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION . The Volvo Group respects the right of all employees to form and join an association to represent their interests as employees, to organize, and to bargain collectively or individually. We also respect any em-ployee's choice to refrain from joining a union
  3. This Code of Conduct outlines Volvo Car Group's1 (hereinafter referred to as Volvo Cars) requirements and guiding principles for our business partners, in the area of compliance with applicable laws and regulations, in particular with regards to: basic working conditions, human rights, caring for the environment and business integrity
  4. The Volvo Group Code of Conduct is clear about our commitment to compliance, including anti-corruption, competition law, sanctions and other issues that influence how we do business with suppliers. Our compliance with these requirements helps increase our business opportunities and serves as a tool for exceeding the expectations of current and future suppliers
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  6. The Code of Conduct, which is based on existing corporate policies, is our way of ensuring that we conduct business in an ethical and compliant way. The principles described in this Code are valid for all entities within the Volvo Car Group, including our joint-venture companies, and certain Geely-owned legal entitie

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3 | Altria's Supplier Code of Conduct At the Altria family of companies, we believe in operating with integrity, trust, and respect.These values guide our behavior as we pursue our mission and our business strategies. Altria's Supplier Code of Conduct builds upon this strong foundation 2.1 This Supplier Code of Conduct (the Code) sets out the standards of conduct to which Keppel's suppliers and their parent entities, subsidiary or affiliate entities and employees, are expected to adhere. 2.2 A supplier refers to any person or entity, as decided by Keppel or its Group company, including Our Code of Conduct is a set of principles that everyone in the Volvo Group needs to follow. Here is an excerpt from the document Supplier Code of Conduct 1. BACKGROUND 1.1 RSA is committed to being a responsible business running its business in a way that all its employees can be proud of, ensuring financial strength and transparency for its shareholders, putting its customers first and delivering long-ter

Vodafon 1. Code of Conduct for Raw Materials Suppliers Legal compliance Suppliers shall operate in compliance with applicable national and local legal requirements Fair competition Suppliers shall comply strictly with all antitrust and competition law Human rights Suppliers shall support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed huma The Supplier Code of Conduct is included in the Group Framework Agreement, and therefore all suppliers of direct materials to Grundfos shall comply with the expectations and requirements of the code. Compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct is a requirement for developing relations between Grundfos and our suppliers, and therefore it is also a foundation for reaching more ambitious goals.

Supplier Code of Conduct We strive to conduct business in a responsible manner. I - Introduction. The Orkla Group strives to conduct business in a responsible manner, based on the duty to respect human rights, labour rights, protect health, safety and the environment, prevent corruption and in general, apply sound business practices. VALD. BIRN GROUP - SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT Vald. Birn A/S comprises the following companies. Unless otherwise documented, the requirements contained in this Supplier Code of Conduct are valid for all units in the Vald. Birn Group. VALD. BIRN A/S Frøjkvej 75, 7500 Holstebro Denmark KOCKUMS MASKIN AB Kockumsvägen 11, 37250 Kallinge Sweden TASSO A/ Supplier Code of Conduct. Our Global Supplier Code of Conduct are available in languages other than English. For assistance in a language not listed below, please email EUprivacy@cromwellpropertygroup.com

Skanska Supplier Code of Conduct produced by Skanska Group HQ , Stockholm, 2020 Version 2.0 This version valid from April 30, 2020 Originally valid from January 1, 2019. 3 The group that we collectively call suppli-ers includes suppliers, subcontractors, service providers, professional service providers, con www-qa.volvogroup.co principles stipulated in the code of conduct. 1 these Geely-owned entities are usually referred to as the Volvo car hina Support entities and include, inter alia, Zhongjia Automobile Manufacturing (Shanghai) co., Ltd., Zhongjia Automobile Manufacturing (chengdu) co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhaowo Auto Sales co., Ltd. volvo car group code of conduct 0 V.Group has the following Supplier Code of Conduct: 20181119_Supplier Code of Conduct

OVO Group Supplier Code of Conduct Version: March 2020 OVO's mission is to provide clean, affordable energy for everyone. Our company values are Do what is right, Find a better way and Build something great This Group Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) has been developed to ensure that Sappi's values and ethical standards are clearly understood and supported by all our suppliers, their first-tier suppliers and other stakeholders. We expect ou RBA Code of Conduct Compliance The Ricoh Group Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the RBA Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, a set of social, environmental and ethical industry standards that reference most of the major international norms and standards our Group to the heights of respectability and performance: diversity and integrity. Our Code of Conduct expresses this vision to our employees, business Stellantis Board of Directors. We also expect our stakeholders, including suppliers, dealers, distributors, and Joint Venture partners, to act with integrity and i This Code of Conduct lays out how we bring our values to life. It provides the framework that we can refer to when making decisions. And it is our signpost for doing business ethically in line with global standards and laws. The Code of Conduct applies to everyone at Merck, in every country and at all levels of our organization

Shiseido Group Supplier Code of Conduct Foreword Recent years have seen increasingly serious social and environmental issues, and com-panies have been under strong pressure to not only comply with the laws and regu-lations of each country but also to respect international conventions and rules an Our commintment to excellence. Volvo Cars is committed to ethics, quality and the environment. Our Quality and Environmental Management Systems cover all our activities, products and services, and we hold ISO 9001 (Quality) and 14001 (Environment) certificates for our major global operations Discover the Group's Code of ethics, available in 14 languages, and our Human Rights Policy. Ethics is at the heart of our business conduct. For Kering, it is a powerful moral commitment as well as a principle of trust essential to the sustainable development of our business

Saab's Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact's ten principles and expresses the expectations that we hold for our suppliers. Read more. Environment. Consideration for people's health and the protection of the environment is a core value for the Saab Group, and our suppliers have an important role in this work As a human-centric car company, we are a brand for people who care about other people and the world in which we live. This is at the core of our business and of our approach to sustainability. Our commitment is about re-thinking sustainability, and goes beyond our operations and our cars, and into society. It makes us think again every time we take decisions that affect the world and the lives.

Mubadala Group Supplier Code of Conduct 6 Confidentiality Confidential Information: Suppliers must safeguard Mubadala Group confidential and personal data and follow relevant data protection, privacy, and information security laws and regulations. In doing so, each Supplier agrees only to acquire and seek to acquire confidential informatio We require employees to complete annual trainings in ethics, and we train our business partners in our code of conduct. Supplier evaluations help ensure that our business partners are aligned with our high standards in the areas of safety, health, the environment and quality. Read more about reporting misconduct ZILLOW GROUP, INC. SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT Zillow Group, Inc. (Zillow) is committed to doing the right thing and promoting the highest standards of social responsibility, ethical conduct, responsible business practices, and compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. As part of this commitment, Zillow encourages its third-party suppliers (the Suppliers) to share the.

The Code also clarifies to all our stakeholders how we conduct our business. We require all of our business partners and suppliers to follow relevant requirements in our Group Code of Conduct that are stipulated in separate codes for suppliers, agents and distributors 3.1 If the Supplier fails to comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct, SP Group may, where applicable, suspend or terminate contract(s) with the Supplier, suspend any payment under contract(s) with the Supplier, report any offence to the appropriate government or regulatory authorities and/or pursue any remedy that is available to SP Group Olam Supplier Code April 2018 3 Supplier Code Principles By acceptance of this Code, the supplier agrees to: 1. Commit to corporate governance and integrity by: i. Complying with all relevant applicable laws and regulations that govern their operations, business, industry, trade and personnel, and respect contractual obligations. ii This Supplier Code of Conduct helps our suppliers better understand our commitment to ethics and compliance within our global supply chain. Chinese Czech English French German Italian Japanese Portuguese Spanish . Code of Business Ethics. 28 May 2018. Smiths Group plc:.

The supplier shall encourage its own suppliers to adhere to this Supplier Code of Conduct as part of fulfilling their contractual obligations. Compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct DPDHL Group reserves the right, upon reasonable notice, to check compliance with the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct GROUP SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT 5. Bribery and corruption It is unacceptable for any supplier (or their employees and agents) to be involved or implicated in corrupt practices. As such, suppliers must: • Never offer, promise or give any gift, payment or other benefit to any person (directly or indirectly) Supplier Code of Conduct Assessment Goal. In 2016, Caterpillar began proactively requesting suppliers to complete a self-assessment to confirm their alignment to Caterpillar's Supplier Code of Conduct. Our goal is a response from 95% of our priority suppliers by 2020 Code of Conduct for uppliers May 2020 Page 3 environment of the supplier's business. Suppliers should secure and monitor that their own suppliers and sub-suppliers comply with the Vattenfall Code or, where applicable, their own equivalent code of conduct. 2 Human rights and labour rights 2.1 General Vattenfall expects its suppliers to respec

The Electrolux Code of Conduct is a fundamental part of our strategy. It is an introduction to our most important policies and principles, and guides employees in the Electrolux way of doing business Barclays Supplier Code of Conduct Last updated June 2020 Page 9 of 12 5. Product, Service and Operational Responsibility Barclays has a firm commitment to deliver products and services that are responsibly sourced, produced and delivered to our customers and clients. Our supply chain partners are expected to support this commitment through Stora Enso addresses sustainability throughout our value chain, and we expect our Suppliers to do the same. All Suppliers are expected the follow the Supplier Code of Conduct or the applicable legal requirements, whichever are stricter

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The LVMH Group attaches great importance to ensuring that its Maisons and their partners share a set of Each LVMH Group Maison therefore requires its suppliers to respect the ethical principles presented in this Supplier Code of Conduct and to ensure that their own suppliers and subcontractors do the same. Supplier Code of Conduct English. PD Supplier Code of Conduct Sandvik is committed to the fundamental principles on human rights, labor rights, the environment and the fight against corruption throughout our operations. This also includes building sustainable relationships with our suppliers

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Code of Conduct. OMV aims to require everyone who acts on our behalf to comply with our values and rules of behavior. These are clearly set out in the OMV Code of Conduct, which acknowledges OMV's social and environmental responsibility within our sphere of influence CAG Supplier Code of Conduct Changi Airport Group is committed to conducting our businesses and operations with the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and expects that the businesses that we contract with for the provision of goods and services do likewise THE PAULIG CODE OF CONDUCT FOR SUPPLIERS Paulig's mission Exploring Great Taste and values Stay Curious, Strive for Excellence and Grow Together derive from a long tradition of knowledge and experience. This tra-dition includes a sustainable way of working and doing business subject. The Manitou Group also adheres to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. This Code of Conduct provides guidelines that must be applied by any Manitou group employee, regardless of the group company that employs her/him, her/his workplace or her/his nationality

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Printed copy is UNCONTROLLED COPY. Please visit the Endeavour Document Control System for this document. EDV-SP-V1.00-PRO017 Document Name: Group Procedure - Supplier Code of Conduct Page 1 of 6 Department: EDV Group Supply Chain Review Date February 26 2020 FOR INTERNAL PURPOSES ONL Code of Conduct for Suppliers to SEB Group . approved by Group Sustainability of . Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) December . 2019 . Group Procurement . 1 Because it matters . SEB believes that it is important that its suppliers act responsibly from an ES 1 March 2019 CHANGI AIRPORT GROUP SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd (CAG, the Company or we) is committed to conducting our businesses and operations with the highest standards o

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Conduct supplier audits to ensure adherence to the Code of Conduct, course-correcting or terminating relationships, if necessary. In 2017, we introduced our Fishing Vessel Improvement Program and Vessel Code of Conduct ( VCoC ), reflecting the unique set of working conditions on fishing vessels that necessitate special consideration Supplier Code of Conduct in 2008. FOREWORD 6 . inspire the Group in the conduct of its businesses and guide each of us in the exercise of our responsibilities. This updated version of our Code of Conduct is both more explicit and more extensive for several reasons Supplier Code of Conduct or similar principles not less stringent than the principles in this Supplier Code of Conduct in a diferent contract format. The Supplier is expected to comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct even if it stipulates a higher standard than required by national laws or regulations Supplier Code of Conduct or our Flint Group Code of Conduct, directly with their contact in Flint Group. If a Supplier prefers, a concern can also be raised through our Flint Group Ethics Point. Ethics Point is a confidential service for employees and third parties (including our Suppliers) that is managed by an externa

Conduct which applies globally to all suppliers to Walterscheid Powertrain Group. We require that you and all our other suppliers comply with this policy, regardless of any conlicting local business practices or social customs. If you have any questions about this supplier Code of Conduct or about what is expected of you as a Walterschei When selecting suppliers, Lufthansa AG and its respective Group companies (Lufthansa Group) concentrate on total costs, quality, environmental awareness and compliance with the requirements of our Supplier Code of Conduct. In the long term, we cooperate only with suppliers who place as much value on sustainability as we do


SAS Supplier Code of Conduct. SAS Group aims to be leaders in sustainable development efforts in the airline industry and thereby contributing to sustainable society development. It is essential that the same requirements are undertaken also by SAS Suppliers Complying with laws and policies. We never compromise our integrity. Compliance with local laws The Supplier follows local laws and regulations. If the requirements of this Code are stricter than local laws, the Supplier shall follow the Code. Anti-corruption and fair competition The Supplier practices fair competition and does not engage in any form of corruption, including extortion and bribery TMF Group is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity across our global group, with a code of conduct that demands a commitment from all our people to do business the right way. Understanding our code, which includes Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery policies, is a key feature of inductions, followed by annual compliance training Saab's Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact's ten principles and expresses the expectations that we hold for our suppliers. We encourage our suppliers to establish their own codes of conduct based on similar standards and to flow down these standards to all persons and entities supplying goods or services to Saab Code of Conduct für Geschäftspartner Code of Conduct for Business Partners. 2 Content Content along the entire supply chain. The Volkswagen Group monitors the developments of its business partners. For this reason, suppliers must, upon request, provide the Volkswagen Group

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Group, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group ** OEMs using the SAQ: BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Scania CV AB, Toyota Motor Europe, Volkswagen Group, Volvo Group, Volvo Cars 1 Company refers to the Group/Holding the supplier is part of. 2 Site refers to the industrial location where production takes place. Company1: Name All suppliers will be requested to acknowledge and accept the Supplier Code of Conduct in writing. For this purpose please use the Declaration of Supplier's Acknowledgement and Acceptance of the ANDRITZ Supplier Code of Conduct and upload the Declaration form (bearing your legally binding signature) during the Boarding process

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Suppliers must permit OP or an independent auditor to conduct any necessary inspections in their premises in order to verify compliance with this Code of Conduct. OP reserves the right to terminate its business relationship with any supplier that OP has reason to believe has substantially breached or failed to observe this Code of Conduct with immediate effect CODE OF CONDUCT Code of Conduct (i detta dokument även kallad uppförandekoden eller koden) har antagits för att betona de värderingar och principer som styr vårt förhållande till medarbetare, kunder, affärspartners, investerare och andra intressenter. Den fungerar som utgångspunkt för koncernens alla relevanta policys och regler Human Rights. Principle 1: Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and. Principle 2: make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.. Labour. Principle 3: Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;. Principle 4: the elimination of all forms of. • Conduct yourself in a manner consistent with policy letter no. 24 and its underlying policies. • if you have a good-faith belief that a violation of these principles may have occurred in Company or supplier facilities, report the violation through the Company's reporting system. Reference

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The Roche Group Code of Conduct Help & Advice Line in case of compliance questions or uncertainties; The Roche Group Speak Up Line to report in good faith a suspected violation, including a person they believe has done, is doing or may be about to do something that violates the Roche Group Code of Conduct Supplier Code of Conduct. At Bufab we are committed to operational excellence, ethical and responsible conduct, fair and respectful treatment of all individuals, and practices that promote safety, health and environmental protection. Bufab´s business is based on close, long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT. The Shangri-La group of companies including Shangri-La Asia Limited, Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited, their respective subsidiaries, affiliates and controlled entities, as well as hotels and properties operated by the Group (collectively, Group), are committed to the core values that define the Group's reputation and brand: integrity. Supplier Code of Conduct If Suppliers wish to report questionable behavior or a possible violation of this Supplier Code of Conduct, BCG requests that they contact BCG's dedicated Supplier Risk Management team in resolving their concern via the following e-mail: SupplierRiskManagement@BCG.com

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Environmental policy, Code of Conduct, Supply chain code of conduct and Diversity & Inclusion policy, as well as Scandic's guidelines to sustainable procurement are attached on this page. Whistleblower service. Whistleblowing is a possibility for any person to report any major wrongdoing at Scandic MTN Supplier Code of Conduct 5 Please send an email to mtnglobalsupplychain@mtn.com for any queries related to supplier code of conduct The supplier shall not deal directly with any MTN representative whose spouse, domestic partner or other family member or relative holds a significant financial interest in the supplier Schaeffler Code of Conduct Agreement with the Schaeffler Code of Conduct As supplier to the Schaeffler Group, we will support the Schaeffler Code of Conduct by committing our company and all affiliated companies to meeting the relevant expectations and requirements. We will also require our suppliers to ensure compliance with this code

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